Leadership of AAUP-CCU meets with CCU President Michael Benson

On September 28, 2021, the Executive Committee of AAUP-CCU held an official meeting with CCU President, Dr. Michael Benson. The agenda included items relating to safety on campus under the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, new policies regarding scholarly reassignment, as well as the need to reduce the size and complexity of forms that faculty and staff use in day-to-day tasks in the course of their work. During the meeting, President Benson expressed his support for shared governance and academic freedom, describing them as “hallmarks of a reputable institution” and positing that higher-education institutions are made “better by shared governance.” He conceded that, at the end of the day, he needs to make some decisions, but is open to whatever the faculty bring to him. Additionally, President Benson expressed his support for “simplifying bureaucracy” at CCU. He also expressed enthusiasm at meeting with AAUP-CCCU once a semester, and even suggested meeting more than once a semester might be in order. For more information on our meeting with President Benson, see our upcoming newsletter.


Author: Joseph Fitsanakis

Professor, Intelligence and Security Studies program, Coastal Carolina University