Many colleagues join the AAUP when their academic freedom or job stability are directly threatened. However, the AAUP/AFT needs your support at all times, so that it can remain strong for when you or your colleagues need it to be there for you. We therefore ask that you join National AAUP by visiting its website. National dues depend on your income level, but are between $10.00 and $20.00 a month for most of us. The benefits of AAUP membership are listed here. Among other things, they include subscription to Academe, AAUP’s highly informative quarterly magazine, and eligibility for liability insurance designed to defend you against costly litigation related to your work as a higher education professional.

In June of 2022 the AAUP became a national regional council of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). This means that, as of August 1, 2022, all AAUP members are, by virtue of being dues-paying AAUP members, also AFT members with all the rights, privileges, responsibilities and benefits that go with being AFT members. Additionally, since the AFT is a member organization of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL–CIO), all AAUP/AFT members are members of the AFL-CIO. Lastly, the AFT is affiliated with Education International (EI), a global union federation of teachers’ trade unions. Therefore, AAUP members are also members of the EI, which consists of 401 member organizations in 172 countries and territories that represents over 30 million education personnel from pre-school through university. This makes the EI one of the world’s largest sectoral global union federations.

In addition to joining AAUP National, we also ask that you join our local AAUP chapter right here at CCU. Local chapter dues are just $1.00 a month, or $12.00 a year. You may pay them in person or online, by contacting us. You may join the local chapter without joining National AAUP. Just remember that joining the AAUP-CCU local chapter does not give you National AAUP membership or access to its benefits. Joining your local AAUP chapter is strictly confidential. We do not share this information with anyone outside of the AAUP-CCU Executive Committee.

Finally, if you are not ready to join National AAUP or AAUP-CCU at the moment, but wish to be included on your mailing list so you can get a taste of our work on behalf of faculty, simply contact us and we will add your contact information to our list. This list is strictly confidential.