Chapter Leadership

The Executive Committee of AAUP-CCU consists of between five and seven members. They consist of three officers, namely the President, the Vice President, and the Secretary-Treasurer, as well as one to three at-large members, at least one of whom represents the interests of associated faculty. A Committee of Delegates is tasked with representing the interests of faculty across various departments and colleges. The most recent former President of the chapter also serves in the Executive Committee.

Elections for officers and other positions are held annually by secret ballot, no later than the last day of the spring semester as determined by the university. All active members of the Chapter at the time of the election are eligible to run.

The AAUP-CCU Executive Committee meets regularly to respond to faculty concerns and advance the mission of the AAUP at CCU. In between meetings, members of the Executive Committee conduct the business of the chapter and consult regularly with the university administration on matters of mutual interests.

The current Executive Committee of the AAUP-CCU is as follows:

  • President – Joseph Fitsanakis (Professor, Intelligence and Security Studies)
  • Vice President – Allison Faix (Instruction Coordinator/Librarian, Kimbel Library)
  • Secretary – Steven McCartney (Senior Lecturer, English)
  • Treasurer/Membership DirectorDouglas Weathers (Senior Lecturer, Mathematics)
  • Associated Faculty Representative — Sharon Tutrone (Lecturer, Communication, Media, & Culture)
  • At-large Faculty Representative — James Arendt (Associate Professor, Visual Arts)
  • At-large Faculty Representative — Lee Hunter (Assistant Professor, Education)
  • Faculty Delegate Alex Hogue (Associate Professor, Languages and Intercultural Studies)
  • Faculty Delegate Dory Sibley (Assistant Professor, Theatre)
  • Most recent former President — Jose Sanjines (Professor, Communication, Media and Culture)

The activities of AAUP-CCU are governed by the chapter’s Bylaws, which were most recently ratified in March of 2014 and amended (by membership vote) in April 2023. A copy of the chapter’s Bylaws, in PDF format, can be accessed here.