AAUP-CCU hears from EHFA leadership regarding the proposed Teaching Load Calculation

On October 1, Joe Oestreich, Associate Dean of the Edwards College, sent the leadership of AAUP-CCU the following message: “I’m writing to thank you, the Executive Committee of AAUP-CCU, and AAUP members for your insightful feedback on the COHFA Teaching Load Calculation (TLC) document—and to provide you with an update. Please know that Dean Bornholdt, Dean Selby, and I take faculty sentiment—and faculty governance—very seriously. We have been meeting over the last several weeks to discuss possible changes and improvements to the TLC based on concerns expressed by AAUP and by faculty through other channels. Over the next month, the Dean’s Office will be working with COHFA Leadership (i.e. department chairs) to add new language to the document. As soon as a revised document has been approved by COHFA Leadership, we will present it to the whole college, likely at a college-wide meeting, town hall, or the equivalent. Please feel free to share this response with the Executive Committee and your membership. And thank you again for the comments.”


Author: Joseph Fitsanakis

Professor, Intelligence and Security Studies program, Coastal Carolina University