Share a Concern

The American Association of University Professors – American Federation of Teachers (AAUP-AFT) represents the shared-governance interests of all faculty, whether tenured, tenure-track or part-time. If you want to share with us confidential information relating to issues regarding faculty rights, please do so using this confidential form. It allows the AAUP-CCU chapter to monitor faculty concerns on our campus without compromising your privacy. No on-campus electronic systems or servers are used to store this information. Be advised, however, that online services (such as Google) may log your IP once you click submit. If you are concerned about having your privacy compromised by non-CCU campus servers, please launch a private browsing window on your Internet browser, use a public computer or employ VPN (virtual private network) software when completing and submitting this form.

The AAUP/AFT can help you locate helpful resources relating to faculty rights, shared governance and academic freedom. AAUP personnel can also offer advice, and even provide mediators and legal support in cases when faculty rights have been violated. Please share as much information as you feel comfortable, and do leave an email address (either personal or university) if you are looking for a response from an officer in the AAUP/AFT, AAUP/AFT-SC, or AAUP/AFT-CCU.