AAUP-CCU to submit Faculty Senate resolution in defense of academic freedom

On March 2, the CCU Faculty Senate will consider a resolution in defense of academic freedom, which will be proposed by AAUP-CCU. Titled “Defending Academic Freedom to Teach About Race and Gender Justice and Critical Race Theory”, the resolution takes issue with efforts by lawmakers to limit academic discussions of racism and related issues in American history in the classroom. The resolution focuses on a number of bills making their way through the South Carolina House, which are designed to limit various aspects of curricular content in higher education. Targeted topics include Critical Race Theory (CRT), gender, and LGBTQI-related issues.

The resolution calls upon our University leadership to reject attempts by bodies external to the faculty to restrict or dictate university curriculum on any matter. It also vows that CCU faculty will stand firm against any attempts by the South Carolina legislature, or Boards of Trustees, to interfere on curricular matters.

You can read the full resolution here.


Author: Joseph Fitsanakis

Professor, Intelligence and Security Studies program, Coastal Carolina University