Update on anti-tenure legislation in the SC House

The latest information on the heavily partisan H. 4522: Cancelling Professor Tenure Act is that all parties, including the original sponsor of the bill, have agreed to suspend further action. A concerted media campaign by the AAUP-SC membership helped our partners and allies, and enabled them to formulate arguments that were key to suspending the bill, especially with reference to its potential economic impact. These concerns reached SC legislators in an open forum, and were echoed by other higher education advocates, thus driving home the broad range of AAUP’s concerns about the bill. In the end, several factors led to the demise of the bill, not least internal divisions inside the Republican Caucus. It is worth noting that the Council of Presidents (SoC) worked in full concert to address issues arising from this bill. Their position reinforced and complimented the vies of the AAUP. The AAUP-SC President and Immediate Past President spoke with SoC and SC Commission on Higher Education (SC CHE) leaders in August, and pursued an agreed-on strategy to get out ahead of 4522, which proved highly effective.


Author: Joseph Fitsanakis

Professor, Intelligence and Security Studies program, Coastal Carolina University